The important clarifications of are added to Kitase’s statements regarding the PS5 exclusive version of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Christian SvenssonSIE Manager, about the target platforms of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 and the possible cross-platform launch of the updated FF7 trilogy.

During the interview with journalists from the Washington Post, the manager responsible for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s collaboration with second and third parties begins his speech by recalling the inextricable link between Final Fantasy 7 and the PlayStation platforms: “Sony had few franchises of its own at the time and to find its place in a very competitive sector like video games, the company had to win the hearts and minds of major third-party manufacturers like Square Enix. This attention to third parties has its origins in YOU, It’s part of our DNA and is directly related to what we did together with the developers of the Final Fantasy 7 Remakes.

According to Svennson, the exclusivity of FF7 Remake and Rebirth on PlayStation represents the cornerstone of Sony’s strategy, which is why the next chapter of the updated Final Fantasy 7 trilogy will also be offered exclusively and exclusively on PlayStation consoles: “Final Fantasy is one of the mainstays of the PlayStation franchise. Square Enix is ​​one of the best third parties in the industry and knows how to keep raising the fan bar knows exactly what you can do with PlayStation hardware.

For those who follow us, we would like to remind you that Square Enix has already started writing the script for FF7 Remake Part 3.

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