The current political debate about Reorganization of the legal gambling sector It is an opportunity to take stock of the supply networks active on Italian territory, in particular for specialized halls and non-specialized public establishments, with the exception of tobacco shops and monopoly retailers operating with gambling offers: points of sale mainly offering small win amusement machines, betting corners, bingo games and video lotteries within the arcades.

EGP and FIPE have identified the dimensions of these distribution channels in more detail, based on a cross-analysis in the different national databases of the Customs and Monopolies Authority and the Chamber of Commerce system, based on the points of sale authorized to collect the different concessions and on the ATECO codes.

At the end of 2023, a total of 4,668 specialized public arcades will be in operation. These are bingo halls, betting offices and rooms for amusement machines, which also offer catering and entry for minors is prohibited. The biggest score is in Lombardy And Campania (respectively 669 And 666in both cases just above 14% of the total), followed by Lazio and from Piedmont (respectively 438 And 425in both cases just above 9% of the total).

These are public establishments, with the exception of lottery bookstores, which only offer entertainment and betting machines as a secondary and secondary activity mainly bars and other catering establishments: The national total is 32,973 in 2023. The concentration of these exercises is also predominant in this segment Lombardy (5,525 points, almost 17% of the total points) followed by Campania (3,336 points, about 10% of the total points), from that Lazio (2,783 points, 8.4% of the total points) and from Veneto (2,738, 8.3% of the total).

FIPE – Italian Association of Public EnterprisesFIPE – Italian Association of Public Enterprises

Public facilities This is due to both Law 287 of 1991 and later licensed gaming regulations – explains Emmanuele Cangianelli, President of the EGP FIPE – They make up around 45% of legal gambling operator networks in money by 2023 and around 50% of total gambling spending in Italy. Due to the high taxes on the games offered, more than half of the revenue from the games is guaranteed by public institutions.”

“As Confcommercio system For some time we have been campaigning for a concrete qualification of the gaming offerings in public institutions: the social and legal responsibility of the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and their employees who take care of the collection of regulated gaming offerings in the halls and bars is the basis for more effective rules for gaming access control , which are also important for prevent minors from taking part in gambling. The comprehensive digitalization of control solutions and gaming products available to operators in future concessions – he concludes Cangianelli It will be crucial to maintain and improve gaming venues where gambling can be played consciously and in complete safety, and to prevent addictions more effectively thanks to the direct communication with consumers that operators can ensure.” lp/AGIMEG

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