Big news is coming for the users of the betting platform Platinumbet: Every Sunday of the championship and until the end of the season Platinobet rewards the best players 350 Euro Bonus bets per week.

So it starts this Sunday Power 9 Challenge: With all championship football games A league until the end of the season (from day 31 to day 38 of the championship).

Every Championship Sunday, users can participate in Power 9. If the bet wins, you can win the betting bonus. As? Goal is one markerIf the bet wins, you will qualify to be among the players to win the prize money. The minimum quantity of bet is 5.20 euros or more, but always with 20 cents at the end of the bet amount according to the following example: 5.20, 6.20, 7.20, etc.

Conditions of Participation

  • Bet type: Single or multiple bet in the “goal scorers” category.
  • Minimum share: 9
  • Conditions of participation: Bets ending in 20 cents
  • Minimum amount per bet: 5.20 euros
  • Jackpot Eligibility Condition: Win a single or multiple bet with odds of 9 or more to win a share of the weekly jackpot
  • Type of prize: 350 euros per week in the betting bonus
  • Number of attempts: unlimited
  • Amount in which the bonuses are credited: maximum 3 days
  • Bonus payout: At least 5 events, minimum odds 1.50

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