Not satisfied with the media outcry sparked by his previews of Sony’s multi-platform strategy between remasters and remakes, much-discussed leaker Silknigth has spoken out again, slamming rumors about the PlayStation 5’s future triple-A exclusives Splits.

The self-proclaimed “Deep Throat” of PlayStation Studios, who has literally gone crazy in recent weeks with rumors and leaks about Bloodborne Remastered, Starfield on PS5 and FF9 Remake, has taken back the pages of his social profiles to further delve into the topics he covers to deal with previous posts.

In response to the many users who are extremely interested in the future of the PlayStation 5 and want to find out what is going on at Sony’s main subsidiaries, Silknigth avoids useless words with this claim The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered It should appear on the PC by the end of 2024 at the latest. But we are only at the beginning.

Yes, because in a series of subsequent messages posted on Twitter/X, the mysterious Sony leaker claims that Naughty Dog is not developing The Last of Us 3, but is currently in the process of creating oneUnpublished IP. According to Silknigth, things continue here too Horizon 3 Guerrilla Games will take longer than expected; On the other hand, Sucker Punch should announce Ghost of Tsushima 2 “soon”.probably at the same time as the next and increasingly rumored PlayStation Showcase.

As always, we invite you to take any kind of preview or leak from so-called insiders with caution and treat it as such.

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