We’re playing Rise of the Ronin and will have our review up soon. In the meantime, we delve into the atmosphere of Team Ninja’s new role-playing action game to discover the main factions of the next, ambitious PlayStation 5 exclusive game about to be released.

The latest interactive experience from Koei Tecmo and the Japanese software house that created Nioh and Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, among others, lets us slip into the role of a former assassin in modern-day JapanIt was Bakumatsu, to say the least, a crucial historical period for the Land of the Rising Sun due to the landing of the American Black Ships and the progressive “westernization” of the country, which led to the end of the last legacies of the feudal system.

The events that outline the narrative outline designed by the writers of Team Ninja will be fundamental to the construction of the gameplay framework of Rise of the Ronin. As the adventure progresses, players will become embroiled in the political conspiracies of the dominant factions during the final years of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

The deep interactive representation of the Bakumatsu era that Team Ninja offers us is directly and immediately reflected in the factions of Rise of the Ronin. The clan Sabaku powered by Naosuke II and Taka Murayamafor example, will defend the centralized government and its millennial traditions while Ryoma Sakamoto and Kogoro Katsura the faction tobacco They will attempt to undermine established power by violently resisting the shogunate. To further fuel the chaos caused by the bitter conflict between the members of the Sabaku and Tobaku clans, the Obeythe representatives of Western forces who, on the instructions of high-ranking officials, seek to open Japan to foreign trade Matthew Perry and Rutherford Alcock.

In the kaleidoscopic narrative mosaic represented by the factions of Rise of the Ronin, each supporting character will follow our alter ego’s activities with utmost attention in order to influence his decisions and thereby successfully push him to champion his own cause Insert faction. It is therefore up to the players to determine the fate of both the hero and the individual factions through the actions they take both during the main campaign and when exploring the open world of Rise of the Ronin.

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