In recent days, news of Nintendo’s complaint against the developers of the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu has taken center stage. The Kyoto company has taken steps to sue the company for aiding and abetting piracy of products protected by the brand Nintendoand after a short time there is important news.

The document released by the District Court of Rhode Island indicates that Nintendo has agreed to compensation of $2.4 million. Within hours of the Yuzu authors hiring a lawyer and Nintendo responding, both parties agreed to the aforementioned payment. As the court ruled: “The defendant and its members acknowledge and agree that the award of monetary compensation here is proportionate to the amount of damage” to the detriment of the company. The amount of $2,400,000 is also intended to cover the total costs related to Nintendo’s lawsuit against Tropic Haze.

Aside from that, “The defendant and its members irrevocably and completely waive the service of a final judgment and an interim injunction“. That ends Nintendo Yuzu legal case against video game piracy against Nintendo, which has made many headlines in recent days.

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