The preview of the STALKER 2 release date announcement is confirmed in the new film created by the GSC Game World team to update us on the development status of the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic open world coming to PC, Xbox Series and PC game pass should appear.

The Ukrainian software house therefore decides to release a trailer accompanied by a long open letter aimed at old and new fans of the series who are eagerly awaiting the launch of STALKER 2.

This is what the guys from GSC Game World explain “During the frankly challenging development process, we realized that time was of the essence for the team. Seeing the extent of the refinement work and knowing that we could not exhaust your patience, we set a goal of releasing the game by the first quarter of 2024 and we worked very hard to meet this deadline. However, this does not change the fact that we experienced a lot at the beginning of this year Technical defects that cause STALKER 2 to fall below quality standards that we had planned for ourselves and our fans”.

Due to the final work that GSC needs to overcome these technically critical problems, those responsible at the Ukrainian development house have therefore decided to postpone the launch window of STALKER 2 to the second half of 2024, thus postponing the official (and hopefully final) marketing date ) al 5th September on PC and Xbox Series X|S, releasing immediately in the Game Pass catalog.

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