After Fables Xbox Now, shortly before arrival, it could be over The initiativewith his highly anticipated Perfect dark in next generation sauce. This happened after the strange case of The check “verified” appeared on the team’s X account.

As mentioned at the beginning, there is nothing strange about this maneuver, which has recently found its way into other IPs of the Redmond company’s video game brand following Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox Developer Direct 2024. Unfortunately, The Perfect Dark project hasn’t been swimming in good waters for a long time: According to several “Deep Throats” on the Internet, there was already talk of a Perfect Dark in June 2023, which is far from being in the final phase of development. If this were true, it would be almost impossible for Perfect Dark to be included in the ranks of Microsoft IPs ready to debut on the digital stage of the Developer Direct, which will mark the start of a fiery gaming season.

However, it’s also true that Perfect Dark is shining again at the Game Awards after rising from the ashes too many years ago. Just over three years have passed since the title was announced and users are excited to see how The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics’ adventure will make a splash in the next generation video game ecosystems. We will see Perfect Dark on the Xbox Developer Direct 2024 stage? Hard to believe, but hope dies last, and the connection between next Thursday’s event and the changes to the X accounts in recent days may not be a simple coincidence.

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