Update: Although references to Visions of Mana’s entry into the 2024 series appeared on the store page dedicated to the title, there is still no communication from Xbox or Square Enix about its actual release today. Since there is no official confirmation, we have updated the news to avoid any possible misunderstandings. The original message follows.

The last two months have been full of numerous surprises: Visions of Mana has become a reality and the series is ready to return to the market after 15 years with the new chapter on the stage of TGA 2023. But now fans of the production Square Enix Owning an ecosystem platform Microsoft you can continue to enjoy it.

Not many days after the Xbox Developer Direct event, which took place on January 18, 2024, hints of the possibility that this could be the case came Visions of Mana will join Xbox Game Pass on day one completely free”. If confirmed, it would be an excellent success for the gaming on demand service of the gaming division of the Redmond tech giant, especially given the wonders we experienced after Visions of Mana hit the Xbox stage from developer Direct entered and the publication revealed windows.

The summer of 2024 could therefore be sweetened with a pleasant surprise: according to the Green Crusader brand store Visions of Mana is ready to launch and may reach day one on Xbox Game Pass. At this point, there are still other questions that remain unanswered: What will the title’s release month be? We’ll just have to wait for the coming months to find out when Square Enix will be ready to bring the Mana series back into fashion with the long-awaited new chapter.

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