The nightmare of the PS5 and Xbox series

As the reporter highlighted on social media Takashi Mochizuki According to Bloomberg News, preliminary shipping data shows that Nintendo intends to produce more than ten million Switch 2s to meet what is expected to be huge demand.

In contrast to Sony and Microsoft, who struggled with numerous problems at the launch of the PS5 and Xbox series Flood Switch 2 Stores (and associated bundles?), guaranteeing a “rocket launch” and a large installed base that would certainly make the many developers already working on Switch 2 happy.

One of the factors that should further contribute to the greater availability of the new console Big NAccording to a Bloomberg report, it will involve the introduction of an 8-inch LCD screen for Switch 2, a “technological compromise” that could allow the Japanese gaming giant to do so include production costs and consequently, Reduce the selling price of the console.

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