After completing the extensive beta testing period on Steam, Bethesda finally decides to start rolling out the biggest update since the release of Starfield on PC and Xbox Series Here are all the new features of the update that brings the space RPG to version 1.9.51 .

Described by the developers themselves, echoing Todd Howard, as the biggest (and therefore most important) update released to Starfield since day oneUpdate 1.9.51 It brings more than a hundred fixes, improvements and optimizations, as well as many interventions in the graphics area and game dynamics that you can try out by wearing the spacesuit of your alter ego.

Once installed, the update will provide Star Field explorers the opportunity to appreciate the work done in Bethesda Improving the lighting system and make the appearance of faces and facial expressions more realistic. Thanks to this update it is also possible to admire gods even more unforgettable alien panoramas thanks to the reconstruction of the shadows cast by the planets on their ring system and the introduction of solar disks specific to each system.

In terms of performance and optimization, the Starfield update fixes many bugs, glitches and crashes They can be found during free exploration and during activities (both in the campaign and in the side missions). At the end of the news you will find the complete notes on update 1.9.51, currently available for PC and Xbox Series. Before we move on to the comments, we would like to remind you that at this point you can read our special on realism and science from Starfield between technology and video games.

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