Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched the Season of Husks for Diablo 4, the first in a long line of updates that will bring new mechanics and cosmetic sets to the action RPG that can be unlocked through passes. Let’s find out together how to access the new content.

Before you begin counseling, you should make it clear that it is fundamental Log into the Diablo 4 servers with your most advanced Realm Eternal character As for map exploration, fame levels, and Lilith’s altars. As we have already explained in our guide on how to prepare for Diablo 4 Season 1, progress in this way will be applied to the entire account and can be carried over to the season hero.

The first step to unlocking access to the Season 1 quest is Create a character in the Seasonal Kingdom. This means that the hero you have been using so far cannot unlock evil hearts or complete seasonal quests since it belongs to the Eternal Realm.

Your goal is therefore to create a new character and possibly When starting, check the “Skip Campaign” option.. This option only appears after the entire story has been completed with at least one character and allows you to avoid having to replay all six acts. In fact, this step is also important for speeding up access to seasonal content, since those who can’t skip the campaign will have to play everything with the new character before unlocking the Season of the Husk quest.

Once the game starts, you’ll watch a short cutscene and then find yourself in one Kyovashad, in the Shattered Peaks. Talk to vyrtanthe hooded man on your left to start the titled seasonal quest “burn from within”. Follow the quest instructions to access all Season of the Husk content, including the Vile Hearts. In fact, the quest acts as a tutorial for the new mechanics, taking you step by step to understand how these special objects to be embedded in the equipment work.

Have you already checked out our complete guide to the new Diablo 4 Season 1 Legendary skins? We also remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you will find a special on the new unique objects of the Diablo 4 Season of the Husks.

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