Devil May Cry is still one of the most popular and loved brands of today Capcomwho, thanks to the spectacular adventures of millions of fans around the world, has been able to conquer dantetells about the five games that make up the main series.

Many key scenes of each game (which is the most beautiful Devil May Cry in this respect?), as well as the moments that are well remembered by every fan of the series. For this reason we remind you an unforgettable moment for every single Devil May Cry in the series, from the prequel to the fifth installment (do you know how much Devil May Cry 5 sold in total?). To keep that in mind There may be major spoilers to the different games covered, so it is advisable to continue reading only if you already know the series.

Alastor stabs Dante – Devil May Cry

The 2001 original classic is packed with unforgettable sequences, from the introductory sequence to the final fight with mouth and without forgetting the extras of mystery Nelo Angelo. One short scene in particular, however, perfectly captures the essence of the Capcom masterpiece: when Dante receives the sword alastor during the second mission. Upon interacting with the white weapon stuck in a disturbing door, Alastor squirts at full speed, piercing the half-demon and knocking him to the ground. Such a blow would have killed any ordinary man instantly, but certainly not Dante: the man stands, frees himself from the sword, pretends to stagger, then seizes it with a firm grip and a mocking smile. The protagonist thus unleashes the power of Alastor (which also unleashes the power of Alastor). devil triggers) and even dribbles it before being enveloped. In just a few minutes, therefore, Dante’s charisma and tremendous personality will be highlighted throughout the game, laying the foundation for an unforgettable adventure.

heads or tails? – Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 2 He’s not exactly the brand’s best representative, on the contrary, he can be considered his little black sheep, cherished by the fans, in every respect. It’s difficult to find a truly memorable moment in the second chapter that fails to capture the charm of its predecessor and often unintentionally ends up in the trash (think of the defeat of Arius by the hand of Dante in Mission 17?). However, the demon hunter maintains his charisma even in his weakest adventure, also thanks to a curious trick: some of the choices Dante makes during Devil May Cry 2 depend on the release of heads or tails when tossing a special coin. For example, when deciding who has to reach the underworld to face the demon ArgosaxDante deceives Lucy shoulder the last decisive battle (“I go heads, you go tails“). But it is only when Lucia’s story ends that the secret is revealed: the two sides of the coin are equal, so Dante can always “win”. Shoot He can enjoy a ride to Hell aboard his motorbike.

Dante’s Awakening – Devil May Cry 3 Dante’s Awakening

Devil May Cry 3 Dante’s Awakening puts us in the shoes of a Dante who is not only very young but still unaware of his actual demonic powers. His demonic form will only “awaken” after his harsh defeat at the hands of his brother. Virgil on Temen-ni-gru. Vergil will end the fight by stabbing his twin with his own sword rebellion: It is precisely this action that unleashes the power of the weapon and suddenly restores power to the protagonist, who then explodes into a scream of rage that finally unlocks his devil trigger. From that moment on, Dante, having recovered from the blows he had suffered, has come to a new awareness of his abilities and can thus continue the hunt for Virgil through the Tower of Hell.

The Restored Yamato – Devil May Cry 4

the devil may weep 4 introduces the young man Black as a new protagonist alongside Dante, a hothead who seems to be a descendant of the knight Sparda himself. Absolute certainty comes at a key moment in the adventure when you find yourself in the dungeons lucky lock Nero stumbles upon the secret lab of agnuswhere he conducts experiments on demons and most importantly, where the Yamato by Virgil, shattered and seemingly impossible to reforge. After being pinned down and severely injured by the mad scientist’s demonic blades, his beloved sees an ominous vision Kyrie Danger awakens the hidden powers of Nero, enhanced by his proximity to Yamato. Suddenly, the blade reverts to its original form and falls under the boy’s control, fueling his desire for ever greater power, the same need that has fueled Virgil throughout his life. Agnus is routed and Nero can continue his journey, relying on the new, devastating power unleashed by the Yamato.

Sparda’s heirs reunited – Devil May Cry 5

Among the many iconic scenes from Devil May Cry 5 (Like Dante’s return to the family home or the destruction of the Rebellion by Urizen), takes place right at the end of one of the most iconic moments of the whole series. While his father Virgil and uncle Dante fight again at the top QliphothNero feels the irrepressible need to save his family members from the fratricidal struggle that has always accompanied them. After a phone conversation with Kyrie, which gives him the motivation he needs to continue pursuing his goal, Nero wants to put an end to the deadly rivalry between the two twins: his desire to see both lives saved will be the impetus that will carry him on to finally unleash his demonic power. Thanks to his transformation, Nero reaches the battlefield with a mighty leap just before Dante and Virgil deliver the final blow to each other and manage to pin them down. Sparda’s heirs are thus reunited, making room for a final battle between Nero and Virgil that will put an end to hostilities.

Bonus – The white haired wig in DmC Devil May Cry

Released in 2013, DmC Devil May Cry was Capcom’s attempt to reboot the series through the efforts of Ninja Theory. Despite valuable critics’ feedback, the experiment wasn’t particularly successful, especially among longtime fans who didn’t like the numerous stylistic and atmospheric upheavals that the British studio brought to the brand. What was greeted with great controversy, however, was the “new” Dante, who was completely different in personality and appearance from the original character, and now without his iconic white hair. Ninja Theory’s Dante now sported short black hair, an element that has caused a lot of community dissatisfaction since the game’s release. Perhaps in response to the criticism, or perhaps to reinforce its artistic direction, Ninja Theory inserted a specific scene at the beginning of the game where the new Dante is suddenly confronted with a… white wig Head during a chaotic moment identical to the original Dante’s hair: the protagonist looks in the mirror and is disgusted by the vision. He throws the wig away contemptuously. In its own way, this Easter egg turned out to be one of the most memorable scenes from DmC Devil May Cry.

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