The modder “fromsoftserve” has officially started Visual rework of the Scholar of the Second Sina fan-made expansion to Dark Souls 2 that helps add even more immersion to the experience of FromSoftware’s blockbuster role-playing action game.

The mod in question, similar to other amateur projects that promise to distort the lighting of Dark Souls 2, Completely reworked the ambient lighting to introduce dynamic shadows for light sources such as bonfires, torches, and chandeliers that adorn the map, and then to add even more atmosphere to scenarios with denser vegetation.

The independent developer then set about expanding the inventory of enemies, allowing players to get through with torches once their opponent was killed Areas darkened by global illumination reshaping. This also includes the efforts of the modder to remove unnecessary light sources and thus make the settings even more impressive.

So it’s an amateur expansion that’s mainly aimed at that “shed new light” (sorry for the joke) to the second chapter of the Dark Souls saga, giving fans another excuse to explore Fantasy dimension of the series by Hidetaka Miyazaki. You can download the “fromtoserve” mod for free on the NexusMods pages (you can find the link below in the news). Before turning to the comments, we remind you that on the pages of you can read our detailed analysis of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Elden Ring, the best settings of FromSoftware’s Souls.

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