As the Arrowhead team expands to provide even greater support for Helldivers 2, many online are looking at Sony’s new sci-fi shooter for the first time and wondering whether or not there will be a single-player campaign.

Available fromFebruary 8th Helldivers 2, most recently released on PC and a console exclusive for PlayStation 5, puts space shooter enthusiasts in the shoes (or rather, the armor) of a handful of summoned soldiers Defend Super Earth from the threat of insectoid race of the Terminidae and their alien allies.

The narrative plot, designed by Arrowhead Studios, revolves around the battles that the participants of such a game fight Galactic War with systems colonized by humans and hot zones of conflict between the super-Earth’s defenders and their interplanetary enemies.

The combat system and all other gameplay features that shape Helldivers 2’s multi-layered interactive experience are firmly anchored in a gameplay structure that makes online cooperation its strongest weapon. As the Arrowhead team explains in the video on the secrets of Helldivers 2 gameplay, the mission entrusted to players is actually to work together with others Participants in the Galactic War to help save the Super-Earth, its inhabitants and otherworldly colonists: In Sony’s new science fiction shooter, the myth of the lone hero is consistently replaced by camaraderie and cooperation between warriors.

Given these premises, it is therefore not surprising if, at least at the start and in the immediately following phase Helldivers 2 does not feature a single player campaign but concentrates entirely oncooperative multiplayer experience to be experienced together with other users on the Internet.

However, the lack of a single-player mode is more than just a shortcoming, it must be seen as a real necessity, both in terms of gameplay and plot: of course, nothing prevents Arrowhead studios from “retracing their steps” to create a single-player mode for the campaign between now and the next few months, even if it looks like that at the momentvery distant possibility and nothing seems to indicate a change of plans on the part of the Swedish software house. While we wait to find out if there will be room for a single player mode in the extensive post-launch support that Arrowhead has promised us, we leave you with our review of Helldivers 2, a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

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