After taking care of the release of the Whispers in the Walls of Warframe expansion, the developers at Digital Extreme say they are now ready to release the iOS version of the legendary sci-fi shooter, confirming that, by putting together a video that sets the release date of the blockbuster sci-fi on the App Store.

The iOS version of Warframe promises to offer the same content as the PC and console editions ofContinuously evolving free-to-play experience: Hence room for dozens of free expansions, an infinite number of Tenno Warriors to unlock, and a wide range of skills, equipment, weapons, and aesthetic customizations to acquire and evolve as you face the challenges of the New War.

The iOS edition of Warframe will therefore support this Cross-play, cross-save, unified progress management and provides access to all the modes and features of the versions already enjoyed by millions of players across PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, including online cooperative activities, open-world exploration and special missions tied to the expansions’ narrative progression.

The new Digital Extremes trailer offers us a taste of the experience that Warframe promises us on iOS and, above all, allows us to fix it for the next one 20. February the official launch date in the App Store, complete with Special rewards for those who pre-register and called ever since day 1 to the Tenno’s space odyssey.

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