In anticipation of Baldur’s Gate 3’s next major update in the name of Valentine’s Day, the Larian Studios social team lists the most important additions of Patch 6, which will soon be available for all role-playing games on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

After affirming the “romantic nature” of the procedure, which will result in “improved kisses” (we assume that there will be new interactive sequences for the outpourings exchanged between the hero and the partner), Larian studios emphasize , that Patch 6 will introduce numerous gameplay and gameplay improvements Lots of fixes for bugs, glitches and crashesand interventions to address issues identified in the skill progression system, combat system, and missions.

The Belgian software house then goes on to discuss the merits of the changes and additions made, clarifying that with Patch 6 players will be able to dismiss a companion simply by speaking to the NPC they want to replace them with in their party. Thanks again to Patch 6, the discoverers of the Forgotten Realms They should experiment with a more dynamic combat system based on fixing the bugs that didn’t allow that Correct activation of saving throws using passive abilities. Additionally, the automated dialogue system prioritizes your avatar as the “main speaker,” so your hero’s decisions take center stage rather than those of the other party members or NPCs you start a discussion with.

The launch of BG3 Patch 6 is scheduled to take place in the next few days, probably from tomorrow, Wednesday, February 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day: This is required for the update Download approximately 21GB of data on PS5 and Xbox Serieswhile the Larian team on PC and Steam Deck recommends uninstalling the game and re-downloading it from scratch, a process that should take approximately 150GB Space.

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