“The Growth Decree It should be replaced by a fair distribution resulting from bets and the opportunity for betting companies, why not, to become sponsors of the clubs again. They say it’s not nice, that it’s morally unacceptable and that young people shouldn’t have to deal with it. It may be true, but it is certainly equally true that what we saw in the Italian Cup match between Lazio and Roma is far more unacceptable than sponsorship on the shirt.” The former world champion in football Marco Tardelli In an interview with La Stampa, he commented on the possibility of overcoming the dignity decree and allowing advertising and sponsorship by betting companies again.

“Why don’t you give it a try? Salary cap? Nonsense, I was just joking. Another thing the government could help businesses with is the youth sector tax credit. This would also help our young people.”

The “Football system needs one reform, but we definitely shouldn’t ask the government for help. From what we have read, there has been no money for many years.” “This football has been in the red for years.” “Why give economic aid to foreign funds that have infinite liquidity? Why not come together and really look for a solution for everyone?”

“I hope that the president of Casino League and the Federal President can find a solution if he wants to save our football.” cdn/AGIMEG

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