Another truly peculiar game will soon be added to Palworld, Nightingale, Enshrouded and all other survival games of this time. We are referring to Welcome to ParadiZe, which offers a different zombie apocalypse than usual thanks to typical Pokémon-like mechanics.

The game in question is an action game with an isometric view, which is not coincidentally reminiscent of the old How to Survive, since Welcome to ParadiZe was created by the same development team, Eko Software. So the basis is that of a twin-stick shooter where you explore the map and massacre enemies, but there is an important twist: just like in Palworld, it will be possible “catch” the infected. and turning them into slaves to exploit them for various activities. Once they become Zombots, the Brain Eaters can follow us on our expeditions to help us in battles, or they can stay at the base and contribute to building structures, growing food, and many other actions. Also playable Single playerWelcome to ParadiZe also offers full mode support cooperativeboth online and in split screen.

In short, it’s a unique title whose premise is a bit bizarre. In any case, there isn’t much left until we can find out the actual quality of the product as it is scheduled to be released next year. February 29, 2024 At PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Anyone who buys the special edition of the game has 48 hours of early access. Anyone who is interested can try it out Free demo by Welcome to ParadiZe on steamto get a first impression of the title published by Nacon.

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