The fictional Simpsons video game Ammazza che Mazza surprisingly receives a fan-made sequel that can be enjoyed completely free of charge via the browser: Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 2 video immerses us in the atmosphere of the new, exciting golf game inspired by cartoons Matt Groening.

After encouraging each other to do so “Throw the ball into… the parking lot.”The second “unofficial” chapter of Ammazza che Mazza The eleventh episode of the seventh season of The Simpsons follows the adventures that Bart Simpson undertakes in order to receive the coveted “Bone Storm” cartridge for Christmas.

In this second reinterpretation of the Ammazza che Mazza metagame, the gaming experience of fictional golf title by Lee Carvallo takes on much broader contours, encompassing point-and-click graphical adventures and other genres, all against the backdrop of a graphics sector that plucks the strings of nostalgia from gamers who grew up on bread and the Game Boy. The fan-made title also features many characters from Matt Groening’s animated series, as well as the cartoon’s most iconic locations and reimaginings of some of the most hilarious scenes and lines.

If you want to try your hand at the new challenges offered to you Sequel to Ammazza che Mazza 2, at the bottom of the news you will find the link to Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge 2 page with all the information on how to play this new Simpsons gem for free in your browser. Also, did you know that the fan-made port of Infinity Blade is available for free on PC?

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