A new, in-depth, dynamic story trailer has been added to the Rise of the Ronin film, focusing exclusively on the supporting characters and factions that will weave the narrative of the PlayStation 5 exclusive title.

After clarifying the gameplay of Rise of the Ronin apart from Soulslike, Team Ninja takes the opportunity offered by the latest special video to immerse us in the atmosphere of the Bakumatsu era, the delicate historical period that Japan went through with the landing of the American Blacks Ships that led to the westernization of the rising sun and the progressive abandonment of the last legacies of the feudal system.

In this delicate historical context, we will join our alter egos in the political conspiracies of the dominant factions in the final years of the Tokugawa Shogunate, such as: Sabakuthe group tobacco She Obey. Many NPCs with strong characters will accompany us on this interactive journey. Just think of the unshakable faith in the millenary traditions of centralized government that will animate the actions of Naosuke II and Taka Murayama or the initiatives of Ryoma Sakamoto and Kogoro Katsura of Tobaku to undermine established power by forcibly resisting the Shogunate opposed.

The power intrigues that outline the story of Rise of the Ronin will inevitably be reflected in the decisions we have to make both in dialogue and in the simple combat phases, as well as when exploring the open world. In case you missed it, here’s our special on Rise of the Ronin, a promising gameplay but still has a lot to prove.

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