After mourning the death of Suikoden’s father Yoshitaka Murayama, Rabbit & Bear Studios once again opens a window into the fantasy dimension of Eiyuden Chronicle by presenting us with a promotional film accompanying the release of the highly anticipated JRPG on PC, console and game Pass precedes.

In the video created by the Japanese authors and posted online by 505 Games, the Japanese team refers precisely to the atmospheres and the unforgettable gaming and narrative experience that Suikoden offered us, ideally tracing the path that leads us to the launch of Eiyuden Chronicle will lead , a project that promises to make all JRPG fans happy thanks to a cast with dozens of characters and one very deep game system.

Furthermore, when he introduced the Eiyuden Chronicle project to the world, it was Murayama himself who declared that his new title would speak “of the war or, more precisely, the feelings of more than 100 heroes who, for different reasons, fight this battle, Develop opposing ideas and have a different experience with different perspectives.

Against the background of the dramas that will characterize the narrative plot of the new role-playing game from Rabbit & Bear, we will witness numerous battles and therefore numerous twists that will turn the dynamics of the story on its head and shape the fate of the individual characters. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is expected to be released on April 23rd on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Also scheduled for April 23rd is the release of Eiyuden Chronicle in Game Pass, both on PC and on Xbox consoles of this and the previous generation.

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