L’Customs agency and monopolies has waived the tax assessment notice against the managing director of a Point of sale refill packsthe so-called PVR, of the province of Bari, since “there was no certain proof that a evasion of the uniform tax was carried out, since it was not demonstrated that the use of the PC allowed access to unauthorized websites”.

The betsIn fact, it was created with a PC found in the activity and ended up in the totalizer nationally and the dealer Betaland paid for it regularlyindividual tax on these bets.

Specifically, “2 PC workstations were found for the exclusive use of the owner and 9 publicly accessible PC workstations, one of which was occupied by a customer who wanted to access his gaming account to place bets online on the retailer’s website.”

According to a statement from the affiliated law firm Sisto Ruggiero Advisors, the manager has lodged an appeal finance court in first instance and underlined the absence of amounts collected for the purposes of the unified tax and the misidentification of the PC among the slot machines. lp/AGIMEG

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