Action against Porta Nuova clan in Palermo. 20 pre-trial detention measures are issued: 7 people ended up in prison, 2 have to stay and 11 have to face the criminal police. The crimes in dispute are mafia-type criminal organizations, extortion, criminal organizations aimed at drug trafficking, drug trafficking, receiving stolen goods, personal assistance and illegal carrying of weapons for various reasons, all crimes aggravated by mafia methods and methods .

From the investigations carried outOperation Restriction., continuation of the investigations against the Mafia clan of Porta Nuova, carried out by the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Command of Palermo under the coordination of the Dda of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, serious evidence has emerged of the involvement of 7 suspects in the Mafia Association , suspected of belonging to the families of Porta Nuova and Palermo Centro, who are said to have carried out various support activities in favor of the club’s structure and its alleged leaders. It has also been remodeledBlackmail against an entrepreneur in the sports betting sector.

The focus of criminal activity was the drug trafficking, the extortion of dealers and entrepreneurs, and the control of secret bets, in the center of Palermo. In addition, for the first time, investigators have challenged the crime of passing stolen goods to relatives of prisoners who receive money for their upkeep. cdn/AGIMEG

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