This morning in the provinces Rome and LatinThe State Police officers of the Anti-Crime Department of the Police Headquarters of Rome executed a seizure order with the aim of confiscation issued in accordance with the anti-mafia legislation by the Court of Rome – Department of Prevention Measures – on the basis of a proposal prepared jointly by the Public Prosecutor of the Republic Rome and the police commissioner of Rome.

L’“Game Over” operation, The investigation carried out by the Anti-Crime Department falls within the framework of the strategy to combat the accumulation of assets of illegal origin, the dual aim of which is to radically dismantle criminal organizations by confiscating assets and to free the legal economy from the infiltrations of combating crime by allowing entrepreneurs is enabled to operate under fair competition.

The removal measure affects assets and corporate structures with a total value of 4.5 million eurosincluding real estate and companies, defensible to the leaders of an association operating since 2012 in the Rome area (Torrino-Mezzocammino) up to the municipalities of Pomezia-Torvaianica, Ardea, Anzio-Nettuno and Aprilia (LT), and active in sales, singles – and wholesaler of narcotics such as cocaine, hashish and marijuana, was recently arrested as part of the “ALL IN” operation carried out by the Flying Squad under the coordination of the Anti-Mafia District Directorate of Rome.

The November 14, 2023In fact – as the police remind in a statement – ​​personal precautionary measures were taken against them 30 topics, who is being investigated for various reasons for the crime of association for the purpose of drug trafficking, attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm, fraudulent transfer of valuables and self-laundering. The main suspects in these events, including the three recipients of today’s confiscation measures, remain in custody.

Based on the in-depth economic and property investigations carried out by the specialists of the anti-crime department of the Rome Police Headquarters, the court considered the elements that classified the proposals as recurring socially dangerous topicssince, through their unlawful conduct, they accumulated enormous profits by reinvesting them partly in companies operating betting offices in Pomezia and Ardea and in a vehicle resale in Rome, and partly in the acquisition of movables and real estate and in insurance policies.

From these studies, which spanned a period of over twenty years, it emerged that the three proposed, given a clear disproportion between the entire “declared” income situation and the assets directly or indirectly attributable to themmade significant investments in securities, real estate and business interests, financed themselves from the proceeds of the above-mentioned illegal trade and led a high standard of living that was absolutely incompatible with the low declared incomes.

The Court of Rome – Department of Preventive Measures in Rome – accepted the proposal formulated jointly by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Commissioner of Rome and therefore ordered the seizure of all shares and corporate assets of four corporate structures, two of which operate in Italy Pomezia and 1 in Ardea, in the sector Betting collectionand 1 vehicle resale in Rome as well as 4 properties and 1 land in Rome, Pomezia and Aprilia; In addition, 3 vehicles, insurance and deposit policies as well as financial resources with an estimated total value of around 4.5 million euros were confiscated. cdn/AGIMEG

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