The PSP, released in 2004, had many games on its side that were in no way inferior to the PS2, which was undoubtedly a significant advantage. The Sony console could also count on a number of very useful functions and features, some are very little knownlike the ones we are about to list.

Touch buttons

The PSP hit stores in 2004 it had a slightly different design than the prototype originally conceived by Sony designers.In addition to the more rounded shapes (later adopted by PSP Go), you can see that in the prototype all buttons were touch-sensitive, the case should not have had raised buttons. Nice design idea, but at the time such a solution probably couldn’t be implemented without sacrificing usability.

Remote play with PS3

While it wasn’t possible to play native PS3 games on the PSP, there are some PSN titles like Bionic Commando Rearmed They supported remote play on the small handheld consoleso you can play on the same network on the go.It was far from convenient at the time, but it was the start of a long journey that would lead us to the PlayStation Portal almost twenty years later.

Radio on PSP

The option to do this was introduced with firmware 3.80 Listen to the radio on the PSPwith support for over 50 different international music channels, broadcasting everything from jazz to dance to hip hop and today’s biggest hits.

Multiplayer with just one UMD

Games like Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker have made it possible for you Play multiplayer even with just one UMD.As? Simply, “Downloading” The entire game resides in system memory. At this point it is possible to eject the disc and insert it into a second PSP to play multiplayer with two consoles.

PSP games on the big screen

The PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 models were equipped with an input for connecting a composite AV cable So connect the console to the TV. A really useful feature. It’s a pity that the PSP’s low native resolution didn’t make it possible to get a very sharp image on the big screen, and the lack of filters or settings didn’t help improve the situation.

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