A Betting slip full of football matches, 19 of them, gave a dream victory to a good and lucky bettor from Cuneo, who won with passion and cunning 49,951.57 euros at Betpassion with a 50 euro bet.

A weekend full of events and happiness

As a note from Betpassion shows, it actually was Bet slip with 19 events to have changed the life of a passionate bettor with a bet that spanned many championships such as Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League and other European Championships on a single, big win.

Nunez’s goal in the ninety-ninth minute was decisive in the user’s game and when all seemed lost, Liverpool won the away game against Nottingham Forest.

Bonuses and increased chances of winning

The exclusive Betpassion multiple bonus and the always competitive odds acted as multipliers for this surprising win. The bonus share of the total profit reached a record high of 19,670.90 euros (even the same 40% of the total winning amount).

Winner’s comment

“The Nunez goal made me think it was going to be my day and I got confirmation from the game against Marseille who dominated without the result ever being in doubt. Now I can pay off the mortgage and give a friend a special gift,” commented the Piedmontese winner.

“I’ve been betting for a long time and that’s what I’ve always found Praying passion offers the highest odds on the market and the whopping multiple bonus is crucial for me as I always play a lot of games,” he continued. lb/AGIMEG

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