As rumors of Halo’s arrival on PlayStation 5 make the rounds on the internet, the guys from 343 Industries are celebrating their entry into the team Chris Matthews: The gaming industry veteran will take on the prestigious position of Studio Art Director.

The new head of the “artistic” department of the Xbox Game Studios subsidiary has extensive experience in the industry. Just scroll through the list of collaborations Matthews has worked with over the years Electronic Arts, Crytek, Turn 10 Studios, Ridgeline Games and many other companies in the industry (and beyond).

“In an extremely turbulent time, it is difficult to celebrate the start of something new, but I am incredibly proud to be joining 343 Industries as the new Studio Art Director.”is the comment that Matthews confides to the pages of his LinkedIn profile, before discussing the benefits of the work that awaits him in the ranks of the Microsoft subsidiary.

In fact, it is Matthews himself who reiterates his commitment to the future of the Halo shooter series with this statement “I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity I’ve been given to help Take Halo into an exciting new era.

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