The North American body responsible for rating video games has confirmed this violent nature and the mature tones of Rise of the Ronin’s gameplay.the ambitious action-adventure that Team Ninja is preparing to release in a few months on the PC and as a console exclusive on PlayStation 5.

For certification’Tires‘ of the ESRB is in fact accompanied by the inevitable description of the gameplay, narrative and content elements that led the reviewers of the North American panel to advise against the use of Rise of the Ronin for an audience of at least 17 years old.

We read this, for example, in a certain passage in the paper prepared by the ESRB “Players use samurai swords, spears, rifles and flamethrowers to kill thugs and ninjas in close combat. Players also have the option to kill civilians without these actions affecting their progress. Some attacks result in the decapitation and/or dismemberment of enemies Numerous blood spatters and body parts fell to the ground. The finishing moves show the dismemberment of enemies in close-up. The word “s**t” is repeated throughout the game.”.

Even the European board corresponding to the ESRB has decided to do so after a careful analysis of the content of Team Ninja’s next interactive experience Give Rise of the Ronin a PEGI-18 ratingdepending on the violence that will characterize the gameplay of the title expected upon release March 22 on PC and PlayStation 5. In case you missed it, here’s our special on Rise of the Ronin, action and moral choices in a Japan in turmoil.

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