Here we are, the process that will lead to the implementation of the measuresQuota error and from Bonuses is on the home stretch. According to Agimeg’s information from institutional sources, there was a meeting last week between the representatives of ADM and these gods Dealer to finally complete the texts on the two topics.

Confirmed onAttachment provided by the Customs and Monopolies Authority. Orally Determine They go to the director’s signature and then become operational.

As for the quota error, the Customs and Monopolies Authority will check it Difference between the false price and the average price suggested by traders. The latter is requested correct calculation of the possible win.

We remember that theQuota error is planned for Pre-match and live betting, while those relating to exclusive offers from a single retailer are excluded. Obviously me Dealer You must provide all necessary documentation to certify the height error. The measure aims to: d controversial between bettors and dealers.

What the application of the Bonuses confirmed three types:

  • full win bonus
  • Bonus with reduced winnings
  • Bonus with bonus winnings

There are some rules regarding bonuses to be paid out and how to use them. It could be the maximum 100 euros the bonus that the bettor uses for his bets. You can use the function “Pay off” for the amounts credited through the bonus. Each trader can award bonuses for a maximum total amount of less than in the calendar month 50% of the costs (played minus winnings) recorded in the same period. Both the bonus used by the player and any winnings paid out are included in the total amounts played and won and are therefore valid for calculating the bonusIndividual tax. lp/AGIMEG

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