PlatinoBet does not stop offering its users news and launches a new promotion: the Sniper Challenge. It is not the person who guesses the bet with the highest multiplier or wins the biggest win that wins, but rather the person who survives the longest.

It’s a “guy” competitionSurvivors”: In each round of the game it is necessary to win the bet placed in order to survive, avoid elimination and advance to the next round.

The competition will last 9 days (from March 5th, 2024 to March 13th, 2024) and consists of implementation a single bet with a minimum amount of €5.11 or more (but always with 11 cents at the end of the bet amount as in the following example: €5.11, €6.11, €7.11, €10.11 etc.), offered on the market at one of the games specified in the calendar and only if the bet is successful does the user advance to the next round.

At the end of the 9th day, the remaining players win the competition and share the prize Prize pool of 3,000 euros offered by PlatinoBet. lp/AGIMEG

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